Year 2019

1. Revision of State Action Plan for Climate Change (SAPCC) in Jharkhand, UNDP (April 2019 – Ongoing)

IIEC is currently awarded with the project - Revision of State Action Plan for Climate Change (SAPCC) in Jharkhand by UNDP, India. The overall objective of the project is to develop a revised version of State Action Plan on Climate Change for Jharkhand in the context of present and future vulnerabilities and to effectively integrate add mainstream Climate Change into the developing planning.

To align the SAPCC Version I to NDCs and SDGs to help develop approaches specific and targeted the state, to help them plan, monitors and manages the implementation of SAPCC better. To link with new policies, plans, schemes at State and Central level.


2. CSR Program for Clean Energy Access in Pauri Garwal District, Uttarakhand – Phase 2 Syneos Health (2019 – Ongoing)

IIEC is funded by Syneos Health to implement on-ground Phase 2 of Program for Clean Energy Access for improved education services for socio-economic development in the selected villages of Uttarakhand. The focus of the program is to provide solar electricity in Schools so that they are able to function more effectively and provide better facilities to the local communities and students. The availability of 24x7 electricity in the schools can provide IT education to the students. IIEC will train the Staff & Head of School for the day-to-day care and maintenance of the solar lighting system.